To emerge as a leading education facilitation center in Nepal

Our commitment is to explore their hidden potentials and usher them to the right path identifying their intellectuality, interest and financial capabilities.

Our vision is to emerge as a leading education facilitation center in Nepal for all those Nepalese students
who have a strong desire to pursue their higher studies abroad. According to our country’s education
system those Nepalese students are not satisfied. Therefore our vision is to help those Nepalese
students who are planning to study in International for their professional study and career.

How do we work?

  • In close coordination and collaboration with international college and Universities
  • In consultation with all the senior and experienced instructors and counselors
  • Seeking the interests and aspirations’ of students
  • Opting the best alternative amongst the several alternatives set for the students
  • Making the right decision enhancing students’ future career.

Our Services

  • Counseling
  • Documentation
  • Study visa/Visitor visa/Tourist visa/cook visa
  • Facilitate in securing bank loans and bank balance certificates
  • Japanese Language /NAT-TEST /J TEST/ JLPT classes
  • Standardized test and language preparation
  • Application processing
  • Visa preparation
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Post-departures services including airport
  • Pick up and accommodation arrangements
  • Guarantor for Japan Country

Message from Managing Director

I am managing director of Aayam International Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. I am going to explain about Japan. Japan has developed in every sector their study environment is suitable for Nepalese students but “do you want success in life before you face several problems and you can solve these problems? You will be successful in life. If anyone is planning to study and work in Japan before you need a perfect Japanese Language and culture to establish easily in Japan. You become always active in your life then you can succeed in your vision. If you follow School, University and Japan’s Government rule and regulation without any subversiveness then I will forever help with jobs, living and others.

Deepak Rayamajhi 

Managing Director